Friday, May 24, 2019

Some Hints For Visiting Lisbon

Monastery of Jeronimos: There is sometimes a crowd problem here. If you buy a combo ticket at Belem's Archeology Museum, you can avoid the line at the monastery.

Classic Trolley Cars: Riding the trolleys is a very Portuguese experience. But they can be crowded with pickpockets targeting tourists. A less crowded option for the trolley experience is the line number 24E, back in service after not running for decades. The route doesn't pass any tourist sites but it will give you a view of everyday Lisbon.

Alfama Quarter: Not the wonderful tourist experience it once was. Instead, head to Mouraria, a new colorful zone located on the back side of the castle. This is where the Moors lived after the Christians took the city back from the Muslims. It is a colorful and gritty district of immigrants. And don't wait to see it before it becomes gentrified like the Alfama.

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