Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Changes to Tourist Sites in France

If you visited the Eiffel Towers several years ago, you won't recognize it now. A bulletproof glass wall is working its way around the base, meaning you can't just wander under the tower anymore. And add at least 30 minutes to your visiting time, just to get through security. If you want to get to the summit, buy the tickets online. They are no longer available for purchase on the second level.

La Grande Arche de La Defense is open again and an elevator is available to take people to the top. It is pricey, and better views are available elsewhere, but the La Defense district is a fascinating piece of Paris that a lot of tourists miss.

The Grotte de Font-de-Gaume cave in Dordogne is one of the only caves in France where you can still see original drawings. But it is now almost impossible to get in because the site is no longer taking reservations. Tickets are available to local guides and your best chance of getting in is contacting a local guide at least 6 months in advance of our visit.

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