Monday, December 10, 2018

Around Australia - Sea Princess - Broome

Yay!!! Beach day!!!

Broome, located on the northwest coast, is famous for its Cable Beach and camel rides on the said beach. We decided to forego the camel rides and just enjoy the beach.

Words can't describe how beautiful this beach is. Miles of hardpacked sand in each direction with some rocky outcroppings along the way. And beautiful blue water. We had a clear day with perfect beach temperatures. Couldn't have asked for a better beach day.

The ship docked at 2 am. Yes, that's not a typo. There are extreme tides here and to be able to have enough water under the keel, we docked at 2 am. But nobody could get off the ship before 7 am.

We were among that first group off the ship. A free shuttle ran from the ship into town. Once in town, public buses were available for AUD$10 pp for an all-day pass. (It was cheaper to pay by the ride if you were an Australian senior.) Besides the normal bus routes, there was a bus going straight from the Visitor's Center to Cable Beach. We were on the first bus and at the beach at 7:45 am.

The place that rents chairs and umbrellas was just setting up. Perfect timing on our part.

Jerry enjoyed the ocean breeze and reading and napping under the shade of our umbrella.

I walked one way up the beach, then walked the other way down the beach, then went into the very warm water. Not a swimming beach as it has rolling waves but it was still great. Then I rested a bit and then, of course, had to go back into the water again :)

We left about noon and caught a bus back to the Visitor's Center where we spent a few minutes and then walked to the ship shuttle pick up stop.

And here is where part of the day fell apart. The Broome tourism volunteers didn't do a very good job organizing the return to the ship. They were hampered by the fact that one of the buses had broken down. So the area was overcrowded. And although shade and water were provided, it was hot and a lot of people ready to return to the ship. And what made it worse was that there was no organization. All the pax were in a clump ... no line so when a bus did show up, it was mobbed. Not a good situation.

I wondered if we had stayed a bit longer if things would have been better, as in miss the rush. But according to others who came back around 2 pm, it was the same. And with a 3:30 pm sailing, wouldn't want to push it much later.

Those are the camels in the distance

Me enjoying the lounge chair

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