Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Around Australia - Sea Princess - Alotau, Papua New Guinea

This will be a very short post because we were off the ship all of about 45 minutes. Our least favorite port. (We were told that the ship stops here so the itinerary can be called 'international' and the ship could sell bottles of liquor dutyfree. A couple of days before the stop, a sheet was in everyone's mailbox listing liquor and pricing. Apparently, the pricing is very good because a lot of people said they'd be putting in their orders.)

Hearing that the town was a short walk from the pier we headed out. NOT! After about 20 minutes of walking (at our slow pace) I don't think we got even halfway.

Alotau is hot and poor, both we expected. I really wanted to get into town and spend some money. Didn't happen. There is garbage all along the road and ... well ... it was more than I could handle. We turned back.

The pleasant surprise when we returned to the pier was a youth dance group doing some traditional dances in traditional costumes. We stayed and watched that for a while then went back on board, thinking we'd have a quiet day on the ship.

Wrong! It turns out that the ship uses this port of call for all kinds of required testing and emergency drills. Admit it was interesting to listen to the announcements "for exercise, for exercise" all kinds of medical, fire and evacuation emergencies. But quiet it wasn't.

A recommendation for this port is to take a ship's tour. Those that we spoke to that did one enjoyed it.

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