Saturday, November 10, 2018

Around Australia Cruise - Our First Day in Sydney - Riding the Ferries

Of course nothing ever totally goes as planned but that's to be expected when you travel. With a bit of luck it turns out positive and that's the way it worked for us today. 

A very long trip to Sydney with flights to Atlanta, then Los Angeles, and then Sydney. It was easy to find an ATM at the Sydney Airport and also the WH Smith store to buy our Opal cards, the tap on tap off cards used for Sydney public transportation. We took a taxi to our hotel (taxis in Sydney are EXPENSIVE) and we were lucky that our room was ready. Very nice which gave us an opportunity to shower and rest a bit.

We were booked for 2 nights at Hotel Challis located in Potts Point. (This was our second visit to Sydney and previously we had stayed in the Rocks area. This particular weekend was the finals for some major sporting event and hotel prices in the Central Business District (CBD) were very high.) Hotel Challis is a small boutique hotel located in a residential area. It was about a 10-minute walk to the train station, with some of the walk uphill and some downhill. Our room was very comfortable but very small.

Today's plan was to take the Parramatta ferry in the morning (anticipating only being able to drop the luggage at the hotel) to the town of Parramatta, wander around a bit, have lunch, and then take the ferry back to Circular Quay in Sydney proper.

Well with our room ready the morning plan turned into an afternoon plan and it turned out to be perfect. 

We took the train into Sydney proper and then walked to Circular Quay. Fortunately, my husband was not wearing polarized sunglasses like I was and he easily found the destination and time listings for the ferries. Me? I walked right by the updating display and had to take off my sunglasses to see the ferry destinations and times of departure. :(

Our ferry to Parramatta turned out to be simply a ride on the river. We were tired and decided not to get off. We just stayed on the ferry for its return trip to the Circular Quay.

It was a great day to be on the water. Partly cloudy with a nice breeze and temps in the 70s. It was a delightful afternoon. And we got a great view of the Opera House house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Riding Along the Parramatta River

Riding Along the Parramatta River

Riding Along the Parramatta River

Riding Along the Parramatta River

Time to head back to the hotel. The walk to the train station from the Circular Quay was uphill so this time we grabbed a bus right by the Quay to take us to the station, transferred to the train and made our way back to Potts Point. We stopped for dinner at The Fish Shop just a few steps from our hotel. Excellent dinner. Then time to call it a day.

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We did that trip years ago and loved it.