Friday, November 16, 2018

Around Australia Cruise - Day 3 in Sydney - The Rocks and Embarkation

Our day to embark was here and we took a taxi to the Overseas Passenger Terminal which is located in The Rocks historical area of Sydney. (Taxis in Sydney are expensive!) We got there early and were very pleased to see that Princess had things set up to take checked pieces of luggage. We dumped our large bags and headed out to explore.

The sign for Argyle Street immediately caught my attention. I had directions for getting to the Sydney Harbor Bridge Pylon Lookout from Argyle Street. I pulled the papers out of my tote and off we went, uphill, upstairs, across the street, and up more stairs. A lot more stairs. (Note: There is a lift that goes from the upper street level to the bridge level. Of course, it was under maintenance when we were there.)

We finally arrived at the car/pedestrian level of the bridge. We walked towards the pylons, cars streaming by us on one side, and a fantastic view that included part of our ship and the opera house on the other side.

Sydney Harbor Bridge pylon

We finally arrived at the Pylon Lookout. I decided I was up for the climb. Jerry stayed at bridge level and guarded our tote bags.  :)  The cost for seniors (me) was AUD$10 (about US$7.20).

You can see part of the staircase in the picture above. It starts out narrow. But then it widened to a steel staircase that was very open. I have to admit it was a hike getting to the top but along the way, there were some very interesting things to read about the design and construction of the bridge. There were also benches.

And the climb was well worth it. Beautiful 360-degree view of Sydney and the harbor.  (Turn on your volume if you'd like to hear my narration.)

We then made our way back down to the passenger terminal. When we got there, check-in had started. Next post will be about the ship.

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