Monday, January 9, 2017

The Island of Palma da Mallorca

(I guess better late than never. This was our next to last stop on our May 2016 Windstar cruise. Barcelona up next.

I had a hard choice to make here. We were only in port until 5 p.m. and that afternoon was the Windstar special event for this leg. Did we want to take the train (on our own) through the scenic countryside and stroll around the small and picturesque town of Soller? Or did we want to skip that and go to the special event?  Based on the experience we had at the special event in Morocco, we decided to do the special event. While it was very nice, I think we made the wrong choice.

Titled "Bolero, Fandango & Other Works of Art" the event started with a short drive through the town. The destination was to visit the March Palace where we had a guided tour through the home.

We also had the opportunity to see works of art by Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Auguste Rodin, Eduardo Chillida, and Salvador Dali.

After the tour, we went out to the terrace where we were served tapas and a choice of beverage including vermouth (didn't like it), wine, beer or water.

Next, we got to see Mallorcan folk dances including the jack, the fandango, the bolero and the copeo.  We had beautiful weather and it was a pleasure watching the dancers. It was a nice experience but I think I would have preferred the train.