Sunday, July 24, 2016

Visiting the Market in Malaga, Spain

(Back to Spain after spending a few days in Puerto Rico with my 16-year old granddaughter. VBG)

Our ship docked right near downtown Malaga. It was easy to just walk off the ship and walk into the city for anyone who wanted to tour by themselves.

That morning, the chef was doing a Market Tour and I decided to join him, an assistant chef, 2 crew members and about 15 others. It was a fast 15-minute walk to the indoor marketplace. Inside were stalls of the types of things we've seen at other city marketplaces: vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses. All beautiful arranged, everything clean and everything extremely tempting.

The chef went from vendor to vendor with what seemed to be just a hint in his mind of what he wanted to buy. If he saw something interesting, he stopped and spoke to the vendor who was more than happy to pass out samples to the group considering how much he had the potential to sell. We had samples of nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, olives, meats, and cheeses.

After the tour, I needed to head back to the ship. The other passengers simply walked into town to continue their tour of the city. The chef flagged a taxi down for the two crew members to take all the purchases back to the ship and I was able to bum a ride. Overall, it was a great experience.

Our chef with one of that night's entree options.

And, at lunch that day, almost all the items were displayed on the buffet. And this fish was prepared for dinner. Those who ordered it said it was excellent.

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