Friday, April 1, 2016

Protect Yourself From Germs When Flying

One thing I've known for a long time is that tray table is one of the most germ ridden places on an airplane. I wipe down the tray table as soon as we sit down and also wipe down the back of the seat in front of me so the tray doesn't get germy again when I raise it. I've even had flight attendants smile and nod at me when they see me doing this. Another place pretty dirty is the pocket under the tray. That is harder to clean and I've actually thought about getting something like the Executive TRAYblecloth Airplane Tray Organizer. That would take care of both problems.

Do you reach for the overhead air vent when you sit down in your airplane seat? So do a lot of people before you. Give that a swipe with an antiseptic wipe also.

Oh ... and did you think about the seatbelt buckle? That deserves a cleaning also.

Don't forget to take your antiseptic wipes with you when you go to the bathroom. You probably figure the flush button won't be an issue because you'll be thoroughly washing your hands when you are done. But .... then you touch the bathroom door lock and door knob/handle .... you and everyone else using it. Either use a paper towel to move the lock when you are done or be prepared with an antiseptic wipe to give your hands another cleaning.

And remember that in the terminal itself another place touched by a multitude of passengers is the push button on the airport drinking fountain. The easy way to protect yourself is use a tissue between your hand and the button. Or use hand sanitizer when you are done.

Stay healthy!