Sunday, February 28, 2016

Beware Marmalade and the TSA

I'm a fan of marmalade. But not the kind you typically find in the U.S. I like the bitter orange marmalade served in Great Britain that is made from Seville oranges. So when I discovered Dundee brand marmalade in Publix, during our stays in Florida, I tried it and loved it.

Sad to say I couldn't find it in any of the supermarkets I popped into when I got home.

So during a recent week's trip back to Florida to spend some time with some friends, I bought a bunch of jars, leaving all except one for them to bring back for me when they drove home.

Plus, I had bought Florida marmalade for my daughter and brought one jar home and both jars were packed in the same bag, stuffed into a croc for protection.

At the baggage carousel, as I pulled off our bags, I saw our locking system (a cable tie) was missing from one bag. Sure enough, I opened it and there was the little note from TSA telling us that our bag was opened for inspection. And I immediately knew why.

Of course it was the bag with the marmalade. And the clothing in the suitcase was a mess halfway down ... right to the crocs and where I had packed the marmalade. Below that the level, the clothes were untouched.

We have an upcoming trip to Spain. I was thinking about Seville marmalade and whether or not I would buy some there. Wonder if I have to count on my suitcase being opened again?