Thursday, November 12, 2015

To Lugano, Switzerland

We left Lucerne and continued our trip south. Our route took us over the St. Gotthard pass in the Lepontine Alps which separates Italian speaking Switzerland in the south from German speaking Switzerland in the north. The high point is at about 6,900 feet and the twisting roadway to the pass is 16 miles long. We have been on some harrowing roads in the past, usually in a car. Traveling this route in a huge Mercedes bus made for some excitement. Trust me that this image really does not do the road justice: switchbacks, tunnels, steep drops off the side of the road. It was an experience I'm not too keen on doing again.

Finally we reached the top where the cold and wind kept us from wandering around too much, but it was beautiful. And soon we were heading down the other side of the pass.

Lake Lugano
We arrived in Lugano in time for lunch. Most of the group decided to take the optional excursion on the lake which included lunch at Ristorante Roccabella, a restaurant right on the lake, accessible only from the water. We had a fantastic lunch in a gorgeous setting, out on the terrace overlooking the lake. And the best pasta in a pesto sauce I've ever had!


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