Friday, November 27, 2015

Naples, Italy and the Amalfi Coast

October 21, 2015

Rain! Not what we were suppose to have this time of year. But it wasn't going to stop us. Another item long on my bucket list has been driving along the Amalfi Coast and that is what we were going to do today. We soon joined up with Stacie and Karen, two ladies I met through the Cruise Critic forum, who expressed an interest in joining our Amalfi Coast tour.

We left the port area and hit the expressway, passing the exits to Pompeii and Herculean, two areas with displays of ruins. Vesuvius was off to our left.

Soon we were off the expressway, on a narrow road, climbing a hillside, with a great view back towards Naples.

Before we new it, we were over the top and on the Amalfi coast.

Our first stop was Amalfi. It has a small, old town center and we wandered that for about an hour. Did a little shopping and then got back into our van, heading westward on the coast road, a road which .. according to our guide/driver ... has over 3,000 curves.

Our next stop was Positano, a village incredibly built onto/into a hillside. When we got there it was pouring rain but I was determined to make it down to the beach. Not a day for putting my feet in the water but interesting to look back up the hillside.

For lunch, our driver took us to Ristorante da Costantino  where we had the sampler lunch: bottle of water, pitcher of wine, caprese salad (the BEST buffalo mozzarella), pizza, pasta, lasagna, cheese crepe and, for desert, fresh fruit salad topped with pistachio ice cream. And that all finished off with a shot of iced cold homemade lemoncello. WOW!

The view from this restaurant is alone worth the price of admission. We got lucky and the sky cleared just long enough for us to get some nice pictures. Then onto Sorrento where we hit more rain. A short wander there in the old town area and then back to the ship.

The excursion was amazing and the weather, IMO, added 'something' to the scenery and views ... just like we felt in Venice. We loved it and even if we are back in Naples in beautiful weather, I'm not sure I feel we'd have to do it again.

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