Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Princess Cruises Tour Swiss Splendors and Mediterranean Cruise

Just returned from a Princess land and sea trip. We decided to take this trip based on our experience with Princess' Alaska land/cruise that we took in May. (To read about that trip, click on Alaska in the Index.) We thought that was handled pretty well but, then again, Princess is an expert in Alaska. So wondered how they did elsewhere.

Interesting to discover that the land portion of our trip was sub-contracted to Globus. The trip started in Zurich. We went in a day before so we had the whole next day to do Zurich on our own until the Welcome Dinner that evening. We spent a week traveling with some pretty great people, heading basically south, finishing up the land part in Venice.

There we boarded our ship, the Island Princess. After an overnight stay on board ship in Venice, what followed was a 12 night cruise that took us to Istanbul, Mykonos, Athens, Naples, Corsica, Toulon, Livorno and Rome.

I hope to do a more detailed report on each port of call but I need to get through some of my pictures as I'd like to include a few in each post. So hang in there .... the posts ARE coming  :)

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