Saturday, October 31, 2015

Grindelwald and the Jungfraujoch

One of the lakes between Interlaken
On leaving Zurich we drove through beautiful scenery and across the Brunig Pass, through Interlaken to the town of Grindelwald. There were 40 of us in the group and our ride was a very comfortable Mercedes bus .... with wi-fi!
Wandering around Interlaken

In Grindelwald we stayed at the Sunstar Hotel where our room had a balcony overlooking the valley and mountains. Gorgeous!

A buffet dinner was included that night and then we hit the sack, prepared for our trip up to the Jungfraujoch the next day (October 8th). At 11,333 feet, the Jungfraujoch is Europe's highest railway station. The summit of the Jungfrau was first climbed in 1811 and the rack-railway was opened in 1912. 

The day dawned cloudy but we were told it was clear on the mountain. When I traveled to Europe in 1966 the visit to the Jungfraujoch was one of my most memorable days and I was looking forward to sharing that experience with Jerry.

We took bus to Lauterbrunnen and then the train  to Kleine Scheidegg station where we changed for the train that would take us to our destination. Of course beautiful scenery along the way.

Seven of the nine kilometres of the railway are in a tunnel cut in the rock of the Eiger and Mönch. The train makes two five minute stops along the way, where you can get out and look over the valley through windows cut into the side of the mountain.

Unfortunately, this day everything through the windows was cloud covered.

But we arrived at the top to gorgeous sunshine. Things have changed a lot since I've been there. There is a gift and coffee shop, a restaurant, an ice palace and a Cinemax movie. There were plenty of places for views from inside, but with the good weather our goal was to get outside as quickly as possible.

The sun was warm and there was no wind. It was beautiful. Just couldn't get enough of it.

The area for 'outdoor snow activities' had canvas chairs available and we sat there to enjoy the sun and the view. I had made sandwiches at the breakfast buffet and it was a spectacular place to sit and eat them. And to lie back and enjoy the sun.

Too soon we had to take the train back the Kleine Scheidegg where we picked up the train for Grindelwald, making a complete circle for the day. From there we walked back to our hotel and then headed across the street for a dinner of pizza and wine, toasting the end of a great day.

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