Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Flying United

We flew United out of EWR as part of our Princess Cruises flight arrangements. The Princess air itinerary was perfect with a mid morning flight out of Rochester and an early evening flight out of EWR .... 6:30 pm which meant a decent hour for dinner and then right to sleep.

What we didn't count on was a maintenance delay. One bathroom sink was dripping and the issue was that it was dripping water out of the fresh water drinking tank. If not fixed, we would run out of drinking water 1/2 way across the Atlantic. Not that I thought this would be an issue since they serve water from bottles anyway.

So 3 1/2 hrs later we finally took off.

Dinner served right away ... ravioli or turkey meatloaf. Farro salad and roll. No greens and no dessert. Morning snack was a croissant with jam. Altogether, the food wasn't exciting and we've been in more comfortable seats. And that was in Economy Plus with extra leg room.

As for overhead storage space, pax with regular sized rolling bags had trouble getting their bags into the bins. I think they were the smallest we've ever seen. This United equipment should have been retired.

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