Thursday, June 11, 2015

From Denali Princess to Copper River Princess Along The Denali Highway

We had a long day ahead of us. A 9-hr bus ride starting south on the Park Rd, then east on the Denali Highway (essentially mid Alaska to almost Canada), then south on the Richardson Highway to Princess' Copper River Lodge. Unlike other segments of our tour, our luggage came with us under the bus. The Copper River Lodge does not have the traffic other lodges do and there is no need for a separate luggage truck.

We were extremely fortunate with the weather. We had bright blue skies, moderate temperatures, and unbelievable visibility. Actually, our visibility was so great that part way through the trip our guide jumped up and yelled "That's Mt. Sanford!!! I didn't know you could see Mt. Sanford from here!" He was speechless, and this is after guiding for 20 years. So we lucked out. It could have been foggy, raining, snowing or any combination.

That said, I've included some photos here but they DO NOT do justice to this scenic drive. My husband and I have done scenic drives all over the U.S. and around the world and this has got to be among the top 5.

We stopped for the Australians to have a chance for a snowball fight  LOL

I have only one negative to say about this day and that was lunch (not included). There was, literally, one place to stop for lunch and that was McClaren River Lodge. We realize this place is out in the middle of nowhere and it is hard and expensive to get supplies. That said, I don't think anyone was pleased with the lunch options.

My suggestion is to have a huge breakfast at the lodge (included in our trip) and then bring out the granola and snack bars at the rest stop. There are clean bathrooms and a small gift shop and the lodge is located on a glacial river, with the glacier very visible to us on this beautiful clear day ... a perfect place for more photos.


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