Friday, November 22, 2013

Visiting the Marquesa Islands French Polynesia - Part 4

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Hiva Oa

Yes, we are back at Hiva Oa but this time a different part of the island. Our first stop is Puamau where we use the barge to get to shore. We've got a short ride to the Te I'Ipona archeological site, through some more beautiful scenery.

This site was easy to visit. The trucks took us right to the site. The English speaking group went ashore first and everyone cooperated by staying off the site so we could all take pictures with no people in them.

Then we all went crazy, climbing all over the site and taking a closer look at some of the very interesting tikis and other artifacts. Just about everyone had their picture taken standing near one of the tikis. Once that was done, we gathered around for a lecture about the area.

The trucks took us back to the ship where we had lunch on board. We did make another stop, at Hanaiapia, but we decided to stay on board.


This was a Sunday and we were able to wander in town, popping into a church service or two. We found one that sounded traditional Catholic and another where the singing was in Marquesan. Afterwards, we headed back to the ship and sailed to another anchorage off of a beautiful beach.

Today was a BBQ lunch on the beach and swimming. The water was wonderful and we stayed on the beach as long as we could.


The most interesting part of the visit to this island was the ship's maneuver in the harbor. We were told the night before to be up around 6 a.m. if we wanted to see it.

The ship entered the harbor bow first, very close to one of the cliffs lining the harbor. The anchor was dropped and the ship was then swung around, 180 degrees, on the anchor rope. At one point, the stern of the ship came very close to the cliffs on the opposite side. We had very calm water and I can't imagine doing something like this in high wind or bad weather.

The day ashore was very long and admittedly not one of the most interesting, even with a visit to a botanical garden. We visited the local museum and handicraft center. We had a long wait there because pax were being barged ashore and we had to wait for everyone to arrive before the lectures began. By then we had already been though the museum on our own, I had visited the craft center more than once, and we, personally, were ready to move on.

It was then that we discovered we were right next to an elementary school. I walked to the school and had fun watching the children and taking pictures. They were a delight.

Our next stop was the botanical garden which was disappointing. We saw more flowers in the gardens at the museum.

Finally lunch, another buffet, and then we made the short walk, downhill, to the beach where we just spent some time watching the water before making our way back to the ship.

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