Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Visiting the Marquesa Islands French Polynesia - Part 2

(Here is the link to Part 1).

Ua Poa

We docked in the village of Hakahau which made getting on and off the ship easy. The handicraft center was right on the beach and we had free time to wander the village. There was an exhibition of Marquesan art in the town hall and the Catholic church has some nice woodcarvings.

It was possible to swim at the beach here, and while others did, I didn't. While it looked nice, and we spent a bit of time walking the beach and wading ankle deep, I have this philosophy about not swimming in water that is part of an active port, which this was.

Artwork here consisted of something unique .. rock art made from flower stone ... and I did buy a piece for a friend of mine. Lunch was on shore, a buffet at a local restaurant. It was within easy walking distance of the dock but if anyone felt they needed a ride, one would be arranged. We were treated to a display of Marquesan dancing and then settled in to eat. There was a wide variety of dishes, for everyone from the vegan to the carnivore.

After lunch it was a stroll back to the ship. The Aranui changed anchorage in the afternoon, to the village of Hakahetau. It was nice just to stand at the ship's rail and take pictures of the beautiful changing landscape.

This is a picture of the airport. Notice length of runway.

We were told there wasn't much to see and do in Hakahetau... some crafts, hike to a viewpoint .... and also that disembarking and embarking the barge on the shore could be dicey. So we stayed on board (as did many people). I took advantage of the pool which is very nice when the ship is anchored and the water is not sloshing all over the place. Many pax simply found a comfortable place on board to read, play cards or sunbathe.

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