Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting Compensation For Transportation Delays In Europe

For anyone traveling WITHIN the European Union or TO an EU country on transportation operated by a company registered in the EU and for anyone LEAVING the EU aboard transport of ANY company (no matter where it is registered), the company Refund Me will help submit a claim for compensation when transportation problems occur.

Transportation means plane, ship, train or coach and "company registered in the EU" also applies to any company registered in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, even though they are not member of the EU.

The EU has specific rules about when, how, and how much a transportation company must pay a traveler who is inconvenienced by a problem attributed to a service failure.

For instance, the rules state that if a plane reaches its destination late by four or more hours, the passengers are each eligible for compensation of $400 to $800.

Many passengers who encounter such delays or cancellations do not submit claims because the paperwork can be intimidating. Refund.me, a company started in Potsdam, Germany, in August 2012, specializes i filing those EU claims for the traveler.

The company's website walks you through what you need to know, using questions and answer forms that you fill out online. At the end, a claim letter is generated with all of the required details. You then scan and upload any required documentation, such as tickets, and Refund.me takes it from there.

The fee is 25% of whatever total compensation you are eligible to recover. The company handles the paperwork and sends you the refund, less their fee and any applicable taxes, if the claim is successful.

To read the full list of European Unin "Passenger Rights," visit http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/travel/passenger-rights/air.