Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Don Juan Coffee Tour, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Our second day in Monteverde we decided to make a reservation for a coffee tour. The desk at the hotel took care of it for us and we had a 2:40 pickup for a 3:00 tour. In spite of previous visits to Costa Rica and other coffee producing countries, this was our first coffee tour.

Price was $30 per person and including information on coffee, sugar cane and chocolate. We were picked up right on time and taken to the plantation area.

The tour started with a visit to the nursery where we learned about the raising of coffee plants. Did you know that coffee plants can grow many feet tall but, on plantations, are consistently pruned to a height of about 3 to 4 feet to make it easier for the berries to be picked?

We saw some plants in bloom and some with ripe red berries. We were shown how they were then spread out to be sun-dried before being roasted. Did you know that dark roasted coffee has less caffeine than light roasted?

Our tour included squeezing sugar cane juice out of the stalk and having a chance to taste it. Also ground up cocoa beans and added to hot water for a cocoa drink. After the tour we had a chance to taste several varieties of coffee. It was a very interesting and enjoyable tour.

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