Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Worst U.S. Airline

According to this report from CNN , United Airlines is the worst U.S. airline based upon a wide variety of parameters, including lousy customer service.

After just returning from Costa Rica on United, I tend to agree.

For a snack we were served what I have to believe is the worst airline food we've ever received.

Even worse though was their customer service with getting us from our very late arriving international flight to our domestic flight. There was none. NADA!

Unlike our last experience with American Airlines. When our Lima flight was running late, expediting orange boarding passes were waiting for us when we exited the plane. That got us into the quick line at passport control. On the other side of passport control another AA rep was waiting to get us quickly through security. And on the other side of security was a motor cart to take us to our gate.

We started using United because AA has a minimal number of flights out of our airport and we typically have to go west before we can go east.

Now AA has merged with USAirways which probably has the most flights out of our airport. I think we'll use up our United miles and then head back to American.

P.S. And then there is today's fiasco with American's computers. I'm really beginning to believe there is no winning when flying ... other than being grateful when you finally get to your final destination safe and sound.

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