Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Manatus Lodge, Tortuguero

I would not hesitate to recommend Manatus Lodge. Our pickups and transfers ran smoothly. All meals are included and the food was excellent, served by helpful and friendly staff. Unlike the rest of the hotels we stayed at in Costa Rica, breakfast here was not a buffet but instead ordered off a menu. A menu was also provided for lunch and dinner.

There are 12 rooms, each their own 'separate' bungalow (although at first it didn't looks that way because they were four in a cluster with a corner attached).

Our room had two four poster canopied beds which were very comfortable. The air conditioning worked well and we were grateful that we had it.

The bathroom had a huge walk in shower and I was really delighted with the bathroom sink bowl ... obviously so delighted that I had to take a picture.

The grounds were lovely, with groundskeepers working hard to keep it neat and clean. We were also very lucky here with the wildlife. The first morning another guest directed us to one of the trees along the water's edge (far left background in this picture) where there was a female sloth with a baby on her chest and, on another branch of the same tree, a huge iguana.

There were beautiful flowers bordering the walking paths. See the roof along one of the walkways at the top of the picture? My husband was up and out early that first morning to try to get pictures of the howler monkeys in the trees that were just at the edge of the property ... and found some scampering along the walkway rooftop!

(Note: I don't want to mislead anyone about the wildlife here. We know we were lucky that first day. The next morning was very quiet, and we saw no monkeys and very few birds before we left. )

Overall the stay was very pleasant. I had originally planned on three nights here but the agent at the tour operator we used (G Adventures)  said two nights were really enough. She was right. We felt like we could stay for days with all the wildlife we saw on the property on our first morning but, as we discovered on the second morning, that doesn't always happen.

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