Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review: Hotel Poca a Poco, Monteverde, Costa Rica

I booked our Costa Rica tour using G Adventures' independent tour services. One of my requirements were hotels close to town and, if the hotel did not have an elevator, a first floor room. In that respect, G Adventures came through ... Hotel Poco a Poco met the requirements. G Adventures presented me with a list of hotels for me to review and accept or reject. I accepted this one because of the location. In retrospect, I should have paid closer attention to the reviews on tripadvisor.

Since it was right on the road, we heard the traffic which did stop at dark but resumed early at first light. The hotel had wifi but no terminals for guests to us. If I wanted, I could have rented a laptop for $3 per 1/2 hour or $5 per hour. I guess they expect everyone to travel with their laptop or iPad. We don't.

The room was good sized but no place to really hang clothing. The TV stood on a wide chest high cabinet that had hanging space at one end ... not really high enough for shirts or pants. The bedspread was stained and the bed sheet had a worn spot that I probably could have put my finger through.

Worst of all, the hotel has all of two first floor rooms, both near the restaurant. In the early morning we would hear people heading to breakfast. At night, the restaurant had live music until 9:30 p.m.  (In the middle of the afternoon, when we wanted to rest, there would be teenagers practicing in the restaurant. Twice I had to ask at the front desk to have that stopped and I felt like I was interrupting them ... and they were doing me a BIG favor. I realize this hotel is in an area where they expect people to be out all day so I guess having guests on premises in the afternoon is unexpected and an inconvenience. That goes along with our room not being made up until mid-afternoon.)

On the positive side,  across the street and a little bit up the hill was a "mall" with a supermarket. By crossing through the mall, we came to another street that gave us a relatively easy walk into Santa Elena. (I say 'relatively' because there are only two ways to walk in this area: up or down.) There was also a spectacular view from the deck area leading down to the pool. The pool was shaded and I had it all to myself one afternoon, allowing me to sit back on one of the steps to read.

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