Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Stay in La Fortuna

We had a long travel day to La Fortuna, leaving Tortuguero at 9:15 a.m. and arriving in La Fortuna at 4 pm. It rained most of the drive which was OK. What we want is good weather when we are out bird watching.

I had a choice of hotels for this area. Most of the hotel are along the ring road that goes along the north side of Arenal, with views of the volcano and, if lucky, nighttime displays of lava flow. I made the decision to stay in the town of La Fortuna like I did when I visited Costa Rica with Lynn. It is an old Costa Rican town and thought the experience be more interesting.

Our hotel, San Bosco, was old, with small rooms, and, during the day, noisy. But it was spotless, the A/C worked, it quieted down at night and the beds were comfortable. After arriving we spent some time walking around town, popping into souvenir shops as I had some specific things I was looking for.

Finally we pooped out and simply selected a place for dinner. Turned out to be Mexican but we had a good meal. Prices, though once cheap, are approaching what one could expect to pay in a Mexican restaurant at home.

We tripped over the office of the company we had a reservation with for an excursion to Cano Negro and confirmed our reservation. The young lady had just printed out our receipt and was very pleased to meet us. When she asked where we were from and we told her, she told us that she has a friend in Pittsford ... yes, the place near Rochester. Very small world.

We had an excellent trip to Cano Negro, booked though Jacamar Naturalist Tours. There turned out to be four of us, plus our guide. It was another long day, leaving around 8 am and back at 4. We drove about 1 1/2 hrs to a town near the Nicaraguan border where we boarded a small boat for an excursion on the Rio Frio and into the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge.

It was an excellent excursion where we saw lots of wildlife, with a guide who was very knowledgeable and who made sure everyone saw the bird or animal we stopped for. Plus we had a boat driver who slowed the boat every time Jerry picked up his camera to take a picture. It was a long, tiring but excellent day.

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