Friday, April 26, 2013

Onto Monteverde

The trip from La Fortuna to Monteverde is an experience in and of itself. First there is a mini-van ride. Then there is a boat ride. Then there is another mini-van ride.

The first mini-van ride was over paved roads with a fog-shrouded volcano, Arenal, off to our left. As has been typical on the days of our transfers, it was raining on and off.

We were dropped off cliffside, overlooking the boats waiting to take us across the lake. Fortunately we didn't have to carry our own luggage down ... we just had to get ourselves down to the boat.

The ride across was pretty smooth, in spite of the threatening clouds and low fog.

On the other side, the vehicles waiting to transport us to Monteverde were right at shore side.We were suppose to go into bus 2. But bus 2 never showed up. There were 6 of us and, finally, the decision was made to split us up into the three remaining buses. So, after a bit of a delay, we were on our way.

Travelers have an option on how to get from Lake Arenal to Monteverde. You can either take a van, as we were doing, or go by horseback. The time I was in Costa Rica with Lynn we went horseback. Let me tell you that three hours on horseback was an easier ride than our van ride up steep hills, down steep hills, around sharp curves, steep dropoffs on one side or the other .... all on a dirt road until we got close to Santa Elena ... the small town that is the center of commerce for the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve area.

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