Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Off to San Jose, Costa Rica

I hate changes in time zones. Our first night, in bed late (for us) after we arrived in San Jose at around 10 pm. and, of course, up early the next morning. No shops were open yet. So I figured I´d take the time to draft my first post, to be scheduled to drop once we get home.

Starting at the beginning, it was a good thing we had 2 1/2 hours between flights. Wind sheers in Newark delayed our puddle jumper flight. Then, once we finally left the gate - an hour late - we sat on the runway for another 1/2 hour. Then, just as we were about to land in Newark, the onboard computer waved the pilot off and we went up and around again.

Finally, after landing safe and sound, we had to wait for our gate checked luggage. We always distinquish our luggage by using neon green straps.  Good thing. After we left the jetway with our bags, J discovered his gate check tag was not on his bag. I can only guess someone assumed the two bags with the same straps went together. Otherwise who knows where J´s bag would have ended up. 

Next was the airport shuttle taking us from Terminal A to Terminal C and then a mad dash off to our next gate. Got there just as boarding had started and with our Priority Boarding passes we got on right away.

We were flying United and our dinner meal was defined as a snack: sandwich, salad, brownie. It was OK.

Arrived only a bit late and, with no checked luggage, we were through immigration and customs pretty fast. Used an ATM to get some colones (Costa Rican currency) and then out to meet our driver ... who had a packet for us that contained our itinerary and vouchers for our trip.

Next stop: Aurola Holiday Inn

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