Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stay Healthy During Your Travels

Trying to stay healthy while traveling? Of course.

Then be aware of these very germ-y places:

Hotel room TV remote - Who cleans them? No one, unless you do with an antiseptic wipe

Hotel bedspreads - Strip it off the bed and throw it on the floor. Use only the clean sheets that are changed between guests.

Hotel light switches - Doesn't everyone entering a hotel room touch the light switch? Another place for those antiseptic wipes.

Cruise ship handrails - Many travelers have read about viruses on board cruise ships. While railings are cleaned regularly, they are not, of course, cleaned in between each passenger use. Actually, you should thoroughly clean your hands after using any kind of handrail.

Airplane bathroom

Airplane tray tables - Grab those wipes again!

Airplane blankets and pillows - You don't really think they are cleaned between passengers, do you?

Airplane seat pockets - Think of it as a public trashcan. So you really want to store your items there?

Airport touch screens - Did you use the kiosk to check in for your flight? Pull out those wipes again.

Water fountains - If you must use a public fountain, only let the water touch your mouth. Then be sure to clean your hands.

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