Monday, October 22, 2012

Using Smaller Memory Cards

 I consider this topic so important that I have written several posts on it. Here's one of them: Digital Cameras: What size memory card should you buy?

And now, here is another.

The largest memory card I carry for my point and shoot camera is 4 GB. Most of my cards are 2 GB and I even have a couple of 1 GB cards. Generally when traveling I go through my 2 GB cards first. Then I'll use my 1 GB card and save the 4 GB for last. I suspect this is contrary to what most people do but I have two (what I believe) very good reasons for doing it this way.

Damage: It is not hard to damage a memory card. You can accidentally turn your camera off before a picture is completely saved. The card can get wet. It could come in contact with something magnetic. And if you have taken only one 8 GB or 16 GB card on vacation, ALL of your pictures could be gone.

Loss: This just happened to a friend of mine. Literally. She is still away and it was info in an email she sent out. She had to take a taxi back to her hotel because she was ill and, not thinking right, she left her camera in the taxi. To say she was upset was putting it mildly. At this point I don't know what size card she was using or if she had only one card with her on the trip but based on past conversations, my guess is she had all her pictures on one large card. (I sure hope I'm wrong about this but probably won't find out until she gets home.)

So my recommendation, if anyone asks, is to take several smaller cards instead of one large one. Today cards are very inexpensive, and so are SD card holders, like the one shown below. Another idea for protecting those valuable once-in-a-lifetime pictures: a portable back up device.

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