Monday, August 20, 2012

They are charging for WHAT???

Did you know ...

that if you buy your airline ticket with a phone call to a real human being you'll be charged for it? American charges $25 per ticket and get this ... if you buy it at the counter you'll pay $35 per ticket! You can avoid all charges by buying online.

Spirit Airlines charges for carry on luggage. If you pay the fee at time you book, the charge is $30. If you wait until you do your online check in, the fee goes up to $35 and, at the airport, you could pay $40-$45 per bag. Carefully compare Spirit's supposedly very low prices with baggage fee added to the fare on another airline before booking your ticket on Spirit.

most airlines are charging for the first checked bag on a domestic flight. Fees vary. For now, the first checked bag on an international flight is still checked free. Avoid most baggage fees by 1) using only carry on luggage or 2) getting an airline affinity card. One of the newest perks on cards from American and United is no baggage fee for the first bag on a domestic flight and two checked bags for free on an international flight.

airlines are charging for the best economy seats such as bulkhead seats. Many airlines even configure their planes with economy seats that have a few extra inches of leg room ... which they charge a fee for, of course. While I suspect most passengers would just hope the plane is full and they get one of these seats by default, there are times paying extra might be worth it .... such as that international long haul. If you have a 10 hour flight, and the extra fee is $100, that's $10 per hour for a more comfortable seat. If the math makes sense to you, don't hesitate to pay the fee.

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