Saturday, August 4, 2012

So Excited About Costa Rica

So excited to get the previous post out I obviously didn't take the time to proofread it. Fixed the post now.

And unlike my quick post, LOTS of time was spent on planning this Costa Rica trip.

Why a custom trip? Easy. The trips I found either moved at WAY to fast a pace or were ridiculously expensive for such an affordable country. I have been to Costa Rica before on one of those fast paced trips. My traveling companion handled it just well but I huffed and puffed behind the group.

I don't want to do that type of traveling anymore, yet want Jerry (with his love of photographing wildlife - he would LOVE to get his own shots of a Resplendent Quetzal) to enjoy this wonderful country. That means a slower pace. Yet, for those that like things more active, there will be lots of opportunities to purchase additional activities.

Come join us ... email me at for details.

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