Friday, July 13, 2012

Travel Insurance - What Happens If You Just Don't Go

Travel insurance can cover a lot of things. It can cover the cost of the trip if you can't go because of illness or death. It can cover flight interruptions, lost luggage, medical expense and evacuation costs.

But what happens to your insurance payment if you just cancel the trip. Well, it depends upon which insurance company you use.

Allianz, formally Access America, will allow you to transfer the coverge, once, to another trip.

With Travelguard you'll lose the premium totally unless (from a question I emailed to Travelguard):

If you have set travel dates for an alternate trip, we can generally modify the purchased policy’s travel dates, destination, etc with a request in writing to match the new trip’s information.

Travelex said it would be refunded if there were "no penalties incurred" (whatever that means) and the trip was cancelled by the tour company due to lack of participation -- not by you.

Anyone have any information about other travel insurance companies?

Looks like this is a good question to ask before buying your travel insurance.

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