Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Amazon Voyage - More Daily Details - Final Two Days

Friday was to be our hike on terra firma -- some of the high ground that doesn't get flooded. Again we dressed in jungle attire. While hats were not necessary for keeping off the sun, it was suggested we might want to wear them to keep things out of our hair. When we disembarked the skiffs, walking sticks were offered. Jerry and I each took one as we knew the trail might be steep and knew for sure it would be wet and muddy. (This was the walk we had been advised to bring old shoes or sneakers for.)

It was promised to be a slow paced walk and it was as promised. With the heat and humidity I'm not sure we could have moved faster. Our group of 25 was split up in 12 and 13 -- one group going clockwise on the circular trail and the other group going counterclockwise. Each group had a local guide who would go off into the brush, looking for things to show us.

yellow striped frog

leaf mimic lizard

leaf mimic frog
carefully watching our steps

That afternoon we were treated to a towel folding demonstration as we sailed back to Iquitos. As the sun set, we were treated to a glorious sunset.

We are back in Iquitos and this morning we were picked up by a tour boat and taken to see the floating part of the city. Quite interesting with houses and shops that, literally, rise and fall with the water.

Next we are treated to a visit to one of the local schools. As was our previous experience with the children in the area, these children also were a delight. They loved having their picture taken so they could view themselves on the digital camera screen. They took our hands to walk with us.

We were here to lean about a garden project that the children manage ... some really unusual and beautiful flowers. Produce from the garden is sold to help pay for special projects.

Next on the itinerary was lunch and a day room at the El Dorato hotel. I was more interested in shopping, so after lunch, and instead of resting, headed off with a guide to the Artisan Marketplace, an easy walk from the hotel.

Then our flight back to Lima, where we all congregated so those leaving the group (most going onto Machu Picchu) could say goodbye. We also got our Amazon t-shirts and our passes for using the VIP lounge at the Lima airport.

So ends the day to day report of our trip. I am planning on posting some additional photos and videos over the next couple of days. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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