Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Amazon Voyage - More Daily Details


Kitchen and eating area at station 1.5.
This was the day to actually enter the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve. We stopped at Ranger Station 1.5 which is staffed by volunteers, living in very spartan conditions. It provided a potty break for those in need.


Our second stop was Ranger Station 2, a much more substantial structure. We had lunch there, brought from the ship. We were all very hot and very thirsty and I did something I don't usually do ... I had an ice cold beer. Tasted great!

In between our visits to the ranger stations we saw and heard red howler monkeys and horned screamers ... huge birds with very loud screeching calls.

We returned to La Aquamarina in time for siesta. Afterwards we had a cooking lesson. I forgot the name of what we made but it was partially cooked rice mixed with raw egg scooped onto a leaf and then added was a hard boiled egg, chicken, olives and a bunch of spices -- all tied up in the leaf -- and everything boiled for 30 minutes. Everyone had a chance to get a scoop and taste it at dinner that night -- very mild tasting. We all did a good job tying the leaf closed -- nothing came apart in the water.  :)

We left at 6:30 a.m. again to make our first village visit. This was only the third time La Aquamarina was stopping here. I had brought a box of school supplies and our guide told me I had brought enough for the entire school. It was delivered to the head man of this village. I was pleased of course.

We visited the home of one of the families and learned about their life from the woman head of household. Her husband is the second most important man in the village and he was out fishing. We were honored (and I mean that literally) with a visit from the village matriarch. The two women had such stunning features, I couldn't stop taking pictures.

The highlight of this visit was the children. All along the river, in this village and another village we visited, the children were all laughing and carefree. At the school, our guide, Johnny, led the children through some impromptu singing. He was wonderful with them and, based upon all the laughter, the children loved it too.

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