Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flying With Only Carry-ons

My husband and I try, whenever possible, to travel with just carry-ons. Flying from the U.S., the typical allowance is two carry-ons: a personal item (like a purse or briefcase) that will fit under the seat in front of us and another bag that meets airline specifications (typically a small rolling suitcase) which will go in the overhead bin.

The only time I ran into a problem in the U.S. was when I was returning from a visit to my Dad in Florida. And it wasn't the airline that stopped me ... it was a TSA agent. I had a very small rolling suitcase, my backpack and a small purse. Nope ... I could only have two bags. So I took my jacket out of my backpack, put my purse into the empty space and, with my two bags and my jacket (instead of my purse) slung over my arm, I was good to go. DUMB!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to remind travelers to check the carry-on regulations for their return airline. Several years ago we traveled to Peru with backpacks and a rolling suitcase. No problem going south. However, when it was time to check in for returning home (we were flying Lan Peru), we were told all carry-ons had to be 15 lbs or less. While our backpacks weren't weighed, it was obvious our rolling bags were more than 15 lbs and we had to check them.

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