Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Transportation Security Administration - On the one hand ....

somebody is doing his/her job.

We just returned from Peru, picking up our luggage in Miami to go through Customs, rechecking them with AA for the flight to Chicago and then on to our home town. When we picked up our luggage after our final leg, I knew immediately that the suitcase had been opened. For one, the cable tie I had used to lock the zipper pulls together was not there. Second, one of the green luggage straps we had on the suitcase was twisted. Upon opening the suitcase, it was easy to see that my binoculars had been pulled out and inspected as they were very sloppily returned to their case. I guess someone caught the x-ray image of two side by side "tubes/barrels" and decided to take a closer look. Good for them.

On the other hand, when we went through security in MIA, I searched for my quart sized bag that had just 3 "liquid" items in it. Couldn't find it. I knew it was in one of my two totes but darned if I could find it. We had a short connection time and I didn't want to stand there searching for it. I figured "the heck with it", the x-ray machine will find it and I'll deal with it. Point is, it went through security and nobody saw it. So much for TSA.

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