Thursday, May 24, 2012

Packing For Amazon Expedition River Cruise

We traveled with two carry-on sized rolling bags, Jerry’s camera backpack and a two-handled tote for me. I had packed a large and heavy (26 lbs) box of school supplies and we used our allowed one free checked bag per person to check that all the way through to Lima. Everything else went into the cabin with us.

We had the standard travel stuff: cameras, memory cards, sun screen, toiletries, 3-1-1 bags, and daily medications. This was the first plane trip for our new lightweight laptop. Added to this was my “pharmacy” bag because that was the closest we would get to a drugstore when on board ship. It had things like Imodium, Pepto, antibiotic ointment (in 3-1-1 bag), bandaids, ibruprophen, extra toothbrush, throat lozenges, etc. We also had in our 3-1-1 bags insect repellent and anti-itch cream – both items absolute necessities.

For clothing we took:
2 pairs of shorts (J never wore one pair and one of mine was part of my pants – zip off legs)
2 pairs of pants (this included my zip-off leg pants)
2 long sleeved fisherman-type shirt for me and 3 for Jerry
5-6 other short sleeved shirts
rain jacket
hat (J took 3!)
socks (at least one pair that goes well above the ankles – see Jungle Attire)
sneakers (1 for me and 2 for Jerry)
sandals (me)

We were told there would be free laundry on Wednesday. As it was, there was free laundry every day. If I had known that, we would have brought less socks (which take a long time to dry after being hand washed) and 3-4 T’s instead of the 5-6.

Our plan for coming home was to leave behind one pair of sneakers each. I also left behind my oversized T-shirt that I use for sleeping plus a bunch of athletic socks I no longer wear. With the room in the suitcases made by leaving this stuff behind, plus using the expansion sections on our suitcases, we had plenty of room for coming home, including all the stuff I bought -- which was kind of significant.

(I explained to several of my fellow travelers – who might have wondered about this crazy lady doing all this shopping – that I was buying things to donate to our local zoo for the Marketplace at a major fundraiser held each year. Based upon their expressions after my explanation, it WAS clear to me that they did think I was some type of crazy shopper.  LOL).

Of course we had to check our luggage on the way home because of its new overgrown size. Even though, our two checked bags TOGETHER weighed only about 26 kg (58 lbs).

(I am pleased to report that even with our expanded suitcases, we had less luggage than anyone else on the trip. But I guess that doesn't really matter because it's not a contest -- or is it??????  VBG)

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