Friday, May 25, 2012

Our First Day - In Lima - Birding

We had been to Lima before as part of our Galapagos and Machu Picchu trips with (at that time GAP Adventures) G Adventures. For our first visit I had searched for a local guide and found Renato from Taxi Lima Peru. We had a wonderful day with him then so I checked my notes to find his contact information for this trip. Looking at the website, I discovered birding was an option.

I used the Contact form on the website and got a CALL from Renato. He told me he has Magic Jack and it is like making a local phone call. We discussed options and decided to do simply birding and lunch.
Our pickup was scheduled for 8:30 a.m. and Renato was a few minutes early. We headed to the Pantanos de Villa Reserve, about 30 minutes south of Lima. For the three of us, including walking with a guide and then the small boat ride, the total cost was 48 soles (about $18). We spent over two hours there. Jerry, of course, was busy photographing birds. I photographed birds, too, but I tend to also take pictures of other stuff.

The weather was beautiful. We wandered along the beach. Disappointed, of course, to see all the litter.

The reserve was located between an upscale community and a stable of horses for use by the community. Several times we were treated to horses galloping across the sand.

Then headed for our boat ride. Afterwards we were back in Lima in the Barracco district to have lunch at Rustica which serves a buffet of Peruvian foods. I think we were the only touristas in the restaurant and the food was wonderful.

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