Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Amazon Voyage - Some Daily Details

We boarded La Aquamarina Saturday evening to find our luggage already in our cabin. One of the first orders of business was a safety drill.

We then had welcome aboard pisco sours and our first dinner. As was to be typical at dinner for the remainder of the trip, our IE expedition leader, Renzo, would give us the itinerary for the next morning. (At lunch we would get the agenda for the afternoon and evening.)


We had rain (our only significant rain) which tapered off as the morning wore on. It was much cooler than I thought it would be -- perhaps because the sun was hidden by clouds. We were on board the skiffs, starting our search for wildlife.

In the afternoon, we went piranha fishing for red belly piranha. Might be hard to believe but my fisherman husband and I got skunked. Still, it was fun. And guess what was added to the dinner menu ...

 We had an optional 6:30 a.m. excursion. I thought it was funny they called it optional because, in reality, all the excursions are optional. Anyway, Jerry thought he'd be leaving me in bed that early in the morning. Not so! I didn't come to the Amazon to sleep.

That evening we were entertained by "the band" and we had a power point presentation on the rainforest. Then to bed. Not too many people hang around to socialize at night. It is hot, muggy and buggy.

This time it was a not-optional 6:30 a.m. departure. Unlike Monday where we returned to La Aquamarina for breakfast, this time we had breakfast in the skiff.

Because we would be out for a bunch of hours, there was some concern about a bathroom break. Have no fear. IE thinks of everything, including an Amazon porta-potty, with privacy provided by a poncho curtain.  :)

We returned to La Aquamarina for a late lunch, siesta time and then a late afternoon lecture about the reserve we would be visiting and conservation efforts in the area.
After dinner we headed out for a night excursion. We settled in to wait for the sunset with ginger tea sweetened with molasses, yucca chips, peanuts and cookies. We saw giant water lily pads and, as night settled in, frogs, crickets and a baby cayman.

The blossoms open white, then turn purple after they are fertilized.

We could only touch it if we had no insect repellent on our hands.

Returned to the water very close to where it was removed.

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