Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jungle Attire

Our Amazon trip added a new clothing description to our vocabulary: Jungle Attire.

Jungle attire was suggested for all of our excursions. Still, it was OK to wear just shorts and t-shirts which many did, including myself once or twice. However, we had several excursions where we were strongly instructed to wear jungle attire – two village visits, our night skiff excursion, and our high land terra firma walk.

Jungle attire consists of long pants, long sleeves, hat, socks, shoes, sunscreen and lots of insect repellent.

We learned to even put insect repellent on under our socks and pants as the bugs would bite right through the clothing.

Some passengers had purchased the clothing that had insect repellent already in it. They claimed it worked. Based upon our personal experience, if anyone is thinking about buying this type of clothing, definitely go for the socks and pants. I don’t know why but legs and ankles were the major sites of mosquito attacks.

And during both our night excursion and our terra firma walk, we tucked our pants’ legs into the top of our socks. Fortunately we had brought socks long enough to do that.

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