Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hong Kong's Octopus Card

If you'll be visiting Hong Kong and touring on your own, travel around the area easily and cheaply using HK's Octopus Card. Cards can be purchased at any Mass Transit Railway station. Initial purchase includes a refundable deposit. For seniors, the initial price is HK$70 which is about $9 US.

Without the card, exact change is required to pay the fare. The MTR is easy to use, with signs in both English and Chinese. There are easy to read maps at most stations and route maps, on each train, light up as you approach a station. The underground concourses are filled with shops and are clean and air conditioned.

You can use your Octopus card almost all types of public transportation in Hong Kong. When you are finished using it, return it to any service center and the unused amount will be refunded to you, less a handling fee of HK7.

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