Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carry-on Luggage Limitations on American Airlines 767 Airplane

If you've ever flown, you have seen the airline frames at the gate that say something like "Carry On Must Fit Inside Here." Personally, I have never seen one used -- until our trip to Peru.

Upon boarding an AA 767 airplane, as passengers entered the jetway, an AA employee grabbed every rolling bag to see it it would fit in the frame. If it didn't, it got tagged as a Gate Checked bag. We were lucky and he was busy with several other bags as we scooted by. But once we got on board, we understood why this was being done.

The plane is a 2 - 3 - 2 seat configuration. The overhead bins over the "2" were long enough to stow a rolling bag wheels first. The compartments over the "3" were not as deep and a rolling bag had to be put in sideways -- and that way only one rolling bag would fit per bin. It is a lousy design. With a full plane, we could see why AA was cracking down on the sizes of bags going on board.

Additionally, there were metal boxes under the aisle seats and the middle seats in the "3" section -- what they were for we have no idea but they were about 8" wide and as high as the space under the seat -- meaning that the person in that seat would have no foot room at all if they stowed any type of bag under the seat in front of them. So there had to be space in the overhead bins for those bags also.

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