Monday, May 21, 2012

Airline Affinity Credit Card Perks

One way we gather our frequent flyer miles is by using credit cards that are tied to our frequent flyer accounts. Competition between them must really be picking up because some new perks have been added and we had the benefit of one of them during our recent trip to Peru.

We had used AA frequent flyer files for our flights to and from Lima. As is usual with frequent flyer tickets, there were taxes and fees that had to be paid for with credit card ... in this case about $75 per ticket. We used our AA credit card to pay that.

A new affinity recently added to the AA MasterCard is priority boarding when paying for an AA airlines flight with that card. Well, it looks like it also applies to simply paying the taxes and fees on a frequent flyer tickets because all of our boarding passes had PRIORITY ACCESS printed on them.

Very nice being able to board early. No problem with overhead bin space or being concerned about holding up the line. We loved it!

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