Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review: Big Al's Sports Bar and Grill, Bonita Springs, FL

Like any sports bar and grill, Big Al's is loud and has tons of TV screens all over the place. We ate here twice during our visit to the Bonita Springs area. The first time we had trouble with service. Our soups and salads took forever to come and, not surprisingly, our entrees came too soon afterward ... some of us weren't finished with our salads.

Then the waitress messed up the tab. There were four of us and we had told her one tab. She 'couldn't remember' and brought a total tab and two split tabs. We told her one tab and she ended up bringing the wrong tab. We were so annoyed, I asked to speak to the manager who apologized and gave us four tokens for future free drinks.

So we decided to give it another try. Again our soups and salads took forever. I had dirty silverware and asked our waitress for a replacement. When my salad was brought out by another wait staff, I still didn't have clean silverware and asked the young man who brought my salad for a clean fork. He never brought it. Finally I grabbed our waitress and asked her again. She admitted she had 'forgotten' and went and got clean silverware.

The staff definitely displays a 'I couldn't care less' attitude, which is too bad, because the food is very good. However, we definitely will not be going back.

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