Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Has Finally Arrived to Upstate NY

Well, it has only taken until the middle of January for us to get any kind of measurable snow. Up through the end of December, we only had about 2 inches total snow for the season. Today it looks like we got about 6 inches of the white stuff but based upon the weather report, with temps going back into the 40’s next week, the snow won’t last very long.

With this kind of weather, our local ski slopes are empty. Not only haven't we had any snow, but it hasn't been cold enough to make snow. So I suspect local skiers will be checking out other opportunities to get onto the slopes, such as Whistler which gets an average of 33 feet of snow. How do I know how much snow Whistler gets? That’s the kind of information you can find on a site like

Plus you can get info to locate a Whistler ski accommodation and buy discount Whistler lift tickets. There is also information on restaurants, child care services, and other activities such as dog-sledding, snow mobile rides and horse drawn sleigh rides. No snow in your area this season? Or looking to try out some world class slopes? Check out Whistler ski holidays.

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