Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Pack Light -

I recently put a link from this blog onto my Facebook account. One of my friends Commented how much she loved reading my Little Ways tips and how she thought, a site I wrote about in the past, has really great information.

That comment made me take another look at and my friend is right. The site is loaded with great travel information and not just with packing advice. There are links to all kinds of travel sites like currency exchange rates, free PDF versions of arrival/travel guides for many locations, worldwide tourism offices and much more.

Doug, of, makes it clear that his site is non-commercial and other than a few Amazon and Magellen's links (disclosure here), does not make any money from the products he promotes. Then I noticed at the bottom of the site a link to make a donation. In the past I've donated to other sites. I use my PayPal account and make a small donation. But this is the first time one of the site owners wrote to me and thanked me.

Hi Diane ...

Thanks very much for your contribution to "One Bag". Not all that many people support the site in any tangible way, and it's rewarding to know that at least some consider it to be of significant worth. Your gift will help to ensure that "One Bag" continues at least as long as I do!


... Doug

To me that makes the site worth another post and more promotion. Travel on your calendar this year? Check out for links to world wide weather, Internet cafes, electrical power and outlet information and much, much more.

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