Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thinking About the Galapagos

The daughter of a friend of mine just returned from the Galapagos. She was amazed at how much she loved the trip. I wasn't surprised. When my husband and I went, we found it fascinating and exciting.

Today we have the coldest day we've had so far this winter. We've been lucky in that we've had only about a total of 2 inches of snow. But it is in the 20's today and the wind is howling outside and days like today make me think back to our Galapagos cruise, the warm weather and the wide variety of wildlife we saw that can't be seen anywhere else in the world.

Our Galapagos cruise ship was tiny. We had only 16 passengers. It definitely was a low end trip and I think, if we were to do it again, we would look at Galapagos cruises where the ship offered more than just the basics. We had minimal outdoor seating and when I think about the beauty of the area, it would have been nice to have more options. And our meals .... they were pretty much take it or leave it. And there was at least one time when we left it. :(

I still think back to the time the baby seal came over to my feet and tried to snack on my sandals. Then there was the time we hiked to the top of a peak on Bartholomew Island and could see the bay where Master and Commander was filmed. I still wear the fleece jacket I bought at the Darwin Center. A visit to the Galapagos is a great experience and, if you have the opportunity, experience it for yourself.

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