Friday, December 2, 2011

Saving On Airport Parking

Airport parking can be very expensive. We live in upstate New York and our closest airport is ROC. Fortunately we are close enough to usually manage to get a ride from friends or family and do not need to leave our car in a parking lot. However, are airfares are not particularly cheap and there are times they are cheaper if we can fly out of BUF. But them we have to add in the cost of airport parking and maybe a hotel night. Sometimes it still works but most of the time it doesn’t.

Our son, who lives near Philadelphia, often flies out of Baltimore. Even with the cost of travel to the airport (gas, tolls), the airfares are often cheaper and the airport parking at BWI is a LOT less than PHL.

Some airports, like Miami airport parking, are very busy and even if you were willing to pay the parking costs you can't even find a spot. So I thought it was pretty neat when I found a web site that lets you reserve a spot and save money while doing it.


Hae Won Lee said...

This offer made by MIA is very smart and really makes things easier of travelers. Having reservations assures us a parking spot, never having to worry about finding one.

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MisYahd said...

You can always plan and reserve a parking space even while your in the air. It's great that this companies are now into online marketing.
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aviation accident attorney said...

This is the reason why I always prefer to take the cab. Problems regarding airport parking just makes my head hurt.