Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keep An Eye On Your Valuables

Traveling? Don't, for a second, take your eye off your purse, briefcase, tote bag, carry on, etc., etc., etc.

Today I ran into someone who I know had just gotten home from Florida. I asked her how her trip was and got a long story. Her purse was stolen while she was having breakfast at the airport. It seems she was tired and just not thinking and hung the strap over the back of her chair. Need I say more?

The daughter of a friend lost her backpack the same way. Other friends lost their carry on, filled with medications, when they put it down on the floor while they sat at a restaurant.

The moral is to keep everything in sight at all times. If you have to put a suitcase or backpack down, put it down in front of you. Don't put it next to you or between your legs or (GASP!) behind you. If you really want to hang your purse on your chair back, hang your coat over it.

In a restaurant, if you put your tote on the floor, put your foot through the handle. If the handle isn't big enough for your foot, put a leg of the chair through it. Ditto with a backpack. Even better, if you have a spare chair at the table, put your bags on it where it will always be in your vision.

Big travel weekend coming up. Play it safe and never let your carry on bags out of your sight.

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You've had some good posts, but this is one of the best. Very helpful.