Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tundra Landscape

Jerry had the camera and lens for the polar bears. I got some good shots when they were close to the rover. But for me, this photo trip resulted in my learning more about my camera and concentrating on other-than-wildlife photo opportunities.

The landscape around Churchill is stark. There are very few trees and those that do live in that climate are called flag trees. The part of the tree facing north is bare, sheared clean by the freezing north wind. The area approaching Hudsons Bay is marshy and rocky. The low and high tide line is huge, with the water coming in at places 400 to 500 feet.

Rocks are covered with lichen and the ground is covered with moss and some small berries.

As winter approaches, the marshy areas freeze over with ice hard enough to support a full-grown polar bear. This is the time the bears come into the area, preferring the feel of firm land or hard ice under their paws versus soft marsh where they will end up with wet feet.

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