Sunday, November 20, 2011

Souvenir Shopping in Churchill, Manitoba

Shopping in Churchill is expensive. Just for the experience we went into the supermarket and I checked prices of items I buy at home like a box of Cheerios. In general, prices were 50% to 100% higher than my local grocery. And there was nothing like the selection I have at home. It was kind of take it or leave it. We could see how items were shipped in on shrink-wrapped pallets and often just left like that rather than shelved.

By far the best shopping, for us, was at the Eskimo Museum. They didn’t have a huge selection of items but what they did have was some of the best prices in town. Jerry likes to collect baseball caps and they had the perfect one for $16. We saw others for $25 and $30 that weren’t as nice.

There was a good selection of t-shirts and jackets. We bought, of all things, safari shirts, perfect for our hot weather travels. We thought it would be real neat wearing safari shirts with polar bears and Churchill embroidered on them.

Also at the museum was a very good selection of carvings and books. They had a small table of jewelry at excellent prices. I bought Inukshuk earrings for myself and for my daughter.

All together there are about 8 gift shops in town, some stand-alone and some within hotels. The Great White Bear Tour Company had very nice stuff at decent prices but the majority of their items had the company name on it, not the type of stuff we look for. Northern Images had fantastic high-end art.

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